Rug and Carpet Binding

Carpet and binding, serging, carpet fringe, seaming, carving, fabric and tapestry borders, reducer edging, and more. Resizing including rounds, ovals, octagons, odd shapes and custom sizes to fit your space.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I had several rugs with tears, washed out colors and in need of fringe repair. I just picked them up and the results are incredible. They look brand new.

Joanna J.

Standard binding

We have a wide selection of polyester binding tape to match any material. This is our most economical option. Polyester binding can be perfect for synthetic materials, carpet base, or mats.


Rubber backing works best for rugs that will go on top of a hard surface like wood, tile, or vynl flooring.

Non slip backing adds slight cushion for rugs going over existing carpet, this can work on hard surfaces too. It can be attached or loose laid.

Non slip rug pads are cut separate for a loose lay. This fourth of an inch thick padding has one rubberized side to keep your rug from moving.


Serging is when yarn, either wool or nylon, is wrapped around the edge of a carpet. This gives any piece of a carpet a sleek, finished look. This style of finish is best for wool or woven goods. We can serge by hand or machine.

Stair Runners

We have the expertise to cut and bind any stair runner.